Musket and magic: 
Adventures on a flat planet

Musket and magic: Adventures on a flat planet is a 1st/3d person RPG with character customization. This game will take place in small, detailed, open world with references to Russia, Europe and Japan in the 18th century. Some of the details:

-Mana is joined with HP: using spells decreases health.

-Map without quest marks: find a way to destination by analyzing information from dialogues, books and journal.

-Planet is inhabited on both sides. People from island, where game will take place, came from continent on an opposite side, dug a tunnel through the planet, going down at first and after reaching the middle, climbed up. In the middle of tunnel, where gravitation pulls towards the walls, a bunch of merchants with support of mercenaries takes control of traffic, organized a checkpoint with a fortress and catacombs and charged a fee on goods and planet center-crossing, until gunpowder explosion collapsed the tunnel. Settlers became isolated from their homeland - they did not have enough resources to unearth the tunnel, and on the opposite side nobody wants to do this: digging of the first tunnel required forces of the whole continent, but profit of this expedition was not big enough to repeat this deed. Small groups of adventurers attempted to dig tunnels to the buried fortress, but once they descend underground - nobody sees them anymore.

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Russia, Kirov